Army of Stone (Fallen Angel Book Two)

Army of Stone

Fallen Angel Book 2

I’m Gabriel Stone. Angel Enforcer. Card shark maestro. Marked for death.

An elfish satanic cult wish to fulfill the prophecy of the Dark Bearer and bring Hell to Earth. That means sacrificing Aurora. As the higher echelons of Heaven have put her under my protection, it’s my duty to stop them.

But I’ve got my own problems. Both the cartel werewolves and the vampire triads have greenlighted me for execution. Looks like they’ve put a powerful gargoyle on my case and he’s determined to complete his contract.

But maybe there’s more to this gargoyle business than meets the eye. Half-angel bounty hunters are turning up dead and there’s a familiar pattern to their demise. Someone is waging war on the Angel Guild and as an Enforcer, I’ll have to step up my game if I’m going to save both myself and the Guild from extinction.

I just hope I can survive past next week or we’ll all go to Hell.

Gargoyle assassins, satanic elves, and mob hits. Man, my life sucks.

Fallen Angel series:

Cover for Heart of Stone (Fallen Angel Book 1)

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Cover of Army of Stone (Fallen Angel Book 2)

Army of Stone (Book 2)

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