Fanghunters Series

Fanghunters Series


Book 1

With vampires threatening our very existence, the Fanghunters are our last line of defense. But after being held captive by those savage, blood-sucking creatures, the last thing Dominic Dempsey wants is to face a vampire again. Unfortunately for Don, a Hunter can run from the Fangs, but not from his destiny.

The Blood Order

Book 2

After his near brush with death, Dom is finished with hunting vampires. But the vampires want revenge, and Dom gets thrust into a war by his previous employer who will stop at nothing to protect his secrets—even using the Hunter as an expendable pawn.

The Chaos Order

Book 3

After the destruction of the Blood Order’s head vampire, the Chaos Order attempts to take advantage of the power vacuum. The Fanghunters must hunt down the head vampire hidden deep in an ancient Mayan temple wired with booby traps, with the odds stacked against them.

The Claw Order

Book 4

From the jungle to the desert, vamps are dropping like flies thanks to the Fanghunters. But the Claw Order, a militant religious sect spread across the Middle East, is poised to accelerate the Great Unveiling under a brutal caliphate, and this time the Fanghunters may not make it in time.

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