Fanghunters (Book One)


Fanghunters Book 1

With vampires threatening our very existence, the Fanghunters are our last line of defense. But after being held captive by those savage, blood-sucking creatures, the last thing Dominic Dempsey wants is to face a vampire again. Unfortunately for Don, a Hunter can run from the Fangs, but not from his destiny.

On the run from the savage, blood-sucking creatures that held him captive and still want him dead, Dominic Dempsey has no intention of crossing paths with them again. But they are cunning and Dom's time is up.

When mysterious billionaire Vincent Beauchamp offers him a way out, he's torn between his own survival and the duty of protecting others. Unfortunately for Dom, he's out of options.

What should have been a simple kill and destroy mission turns into the most dangerous fight of his life, one he is not prepared for. Things turn deadly when he realizes that Beauchamp has his own agenda, one that will push Dom beyond his limits.

Fanghunters series:

Cover of Fanghunters (Fanghunters Book 1)

Fanghunters (Book 1)

Cover of The Blood Order (Fanghunters Book 2)

The Blood Order (Book 2)

Cover of The Chaos Order (Fanghunters Book 3)

The Chaos Order (Book 3)

Cover of The Claw Order (Fanghunters Book 4)

The Claw Order (Book 4)

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