The Blood Order (Fanghunters Book Two)

The Blood Order

Fanghunters Book 2

After his near brush with death, Dom is finished with hunting vampires. 

When the head vampire of the Blood Order, a sinister and omnipotent clan of vampires, discover that Vincent Beauchamp was involved in the slaying of their lieutenant, the elite and shadowy Blood Order declares war on Beauchamp and his daughter, breaking their longstanding peace treaty. They don’t care who gets hurt in this full scale war, and suddenly the fate of the human race hangs in the balance. Dom is Beauchamp’s only hope. And Beauchamp has too many secrets to protect—failure is not an option, and Dom is the perfect protege, he just doesn’t know it yet.

With so little experience in slaying vampires, Dom fears that he may not make it out alive this time. But there’s no one else lining up to save the world. Will Dom's thirst for justice be enough to take down the Blood Order once and for all?

Let the hunt begin.

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