The Chaos Order (Fanghunters Book Three)

The Chaos Order

Fanghunters Book 3

With the Blood Order dismantled, the Chaos Order seeks to take its place.

After the destruction of the Blood Order’s head vampire, Leviah, there is a power vacuum in the vampire world. The Chaos Dons, who oversee the drug cartels of the Chaos Order, seize on the opportunity and attempt to take control of the Blood Order HQ in Chicago.

Dom and Trixie are sent to Mexico to hunt down the Unholy Mother, Magdalena; the vampire who heads the Chaos Order. Her location is a deep held secret, a secret that will force the Fanghunters to take on the drug cartels before stepping up the hunt at an ancient Mayan temple wired with booby traps.

With the odds stacked against them, do the Fanghunters have what it takes to stop Magdalena and the Chaos Order before total chaos is unleashed across the world?

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