The Claw Order (Fanghunters Book Four)

The Claw Order

Fanghunters Book 4

The Blood Order is dust, the Chaos Order consigned to history. Major vamps are dropping like flies. Two down, three to go.

Up next is the Claw Order, a militant religious sect spread across the Middle East. Headed by the gluttonous vampire Rah and his four children, the Claw Order is the architect of global terror. Their mission is to accelerate the Great Unveiling under a brutal caliphate, paving the way for Count Moroz to retake his throne.

Before they can face this new threat, Dom and Trixie have to escape an earthquake-hit Amazon River and make it back to Chicago in one piece. Easier said than done.

Every second counts. With the Great Unveiling well under way, the remaining orders are upping their game. Only one major vamp will be the rightful heir to Moroz’s throne, and the Claw Order is about to make its move.

Can the Fanghunters defy the odds and stop Rah and his minions in time?

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